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Many times people come to the Law Office of Lori Gardiner Kreglow with questions:

What is a legal separation?

What is a separation agreement?

What are the grounds for divorce?

How much time will my divorce take?

Are alimony and support required?

Will the divorce action determine who "gets custody" of the children?

What happens to the house and other assets?

Does the law offer protection from abuse?

What are the rights of unmarried couples?

What is mediation?

My job is to help you understand your rights and get answers to these and other questions you may have about your situation. It is never a bother to answer a client's question.

The legal process is unfamiliar to most people and I try to educate you on what to expect along the path that your case will take. I provide you all the necessary information so you can make informed and confident decisions concerning your legal needs.

Our reputation has been built one case at a time.


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